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A warm welcome to my book reviewing blog!
I loveeeeeeee books, i just cannot help myself, it’s a passion! It keeps me sane when i’m down, helps me when i’m in pain which is lot of the time....and most of all takes me to a whole other world!
I always appreciate and feel honoured when asked to review so thank you in advance if you ask!
Here are a few things you may like to know about me and my reviewing!
·         I am a fan of many genres but my favourites right now are Adult Erotica, BDSM, PNR, YA, and any type of romance lol i am just a sucker for a happily ever after!

·         I love Indie Authors, in fact I’m a huge fan so please anyone can ask me for a review!

·         I own 2 kindles as one is clearly never enough lol and accept any format as i own Calibre to sort out formats! Thank god for Calibre!! Lol

·         I try not to read series books out of order so if there is a particular book you’d like me to read please think about sending me the ones before so i can get a better view of the whole storyline J

·         I don’t hang about when reviewing, but please be aware you may be in a queue but i promise to get books done as quickly as possible. If you give me a deadline i will give you a straight up yes or no can do answer J
·         My reviews will always be positive, honest, constructive and informative. I upload the cover and any teasers of the book, links to sites where it can be found and some blurb on what’s inside!

·         I will never publish negative reviews, it’s just not me, i will always find something good...always!

·         My reviews can be found on Goodreads and Amazon also Twitter and Facebook!

·         I would love to host Guest reviewers, competitions, cover reveals, author interviews, blog tours so please feel free to ask!

·         I love feedback from my reviews! I love helping pimp out authors and I’m lucky to say I’ve made some fantastic friends along the way! If you read my reviews please feel free to leave comments, i love sharing book reviews with you all .

Thats about it i think!
If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!
Big book loving hugs to you all!

Laura  -x-

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