Ever wonder what the 5* or less ratings mean??
Well here are how i rate mine
This is my own personal method not those of other bloggers :)

I am so grateful to read each and every book i'm sent or i buy.
Even though i would never bad mouth a book these ratings will give you the insight to see how i felt reading each and every one of them.

5* means I absolutely loved this book! I could not put it down!
Will most definitely re-read! 
I will recommend it to all my followers and personal friends and it will stay on my kindle for a long while! 

4* means it was a great book and I really enjoyed the story. I will recommend to my followers and friends. 

3* means it was a good read and I was happy to read it, some parts though were not for my personal liking, but still a good read.
May recommend to those i think it would suit.

2* means the book was okay. 
A few parts really weren't to my taste and i felt it spoilt it for me.
 May recommend to those it would suit.

1* means i'm sad to say i really didn't enjoy this book at all.
Although there may still be a few parts i liked it just isn't for me at all and i would never recommend.

I hope this helps you understand :)

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