Thursday 31 July 2014

Bound by Stephanie Nicole Garza Book Review

Stephanie Nicole Garza.

The Plot.
Courtland spent his childhood watching his mother turn tricks and bow to her abusive pimp. It taught him a lot about relationships and how never to get involved in one. When he meets sweet Adelaide, his life is forever changed. Her gentle personality has his thinking maybe his vow to never commit is misplaced. Until she disappears out of his life.

Adelaide knew the only way to escape the darkness she’s lived her life in, is to go back to the one place that’s haunted her dreams. Home. Reuniting with Courtland is the last thing on her mind until she becomes helpless to his every kiss. Hopeless to his ever touch. And no matter how far she tries to run, her heart is irrevocably bound to him.

**For mature readers due to explicit sexual content, graphic language, some violence and some scenes may be particularly disturbing. 

My Review.

Bound, a novelBound, a novel by Stephanie Nicole Garza
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My review of Bound starts by loving the way Stephanie tells the story from both the main characters perspectives.
Her version then his gives you great insight to both characters.
The storyline is brutal and at times dark and depressing but shines through with trust, love and adoration.
A certain scene very near the end of the book was my highlight..such passion and anger and relief.
The ending I wanted to be a tad longer but only because I wanted to know more about what'll see when you read!
Great read... 4 stars!

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My Final Thoughts.
This book is a fantastically dark read but i love that the end leaves you feeling upbeat and whole again.
The sheer passion in this book tugs at your heart and makes this a fab read!
Brilliant work!
I look forward to reading more from Stephanie.

Should you wish to read Bound you can find it HERE.
Let me know  in the comments if you have read Bound and what you thought :)
Hope you enjoyed this review!
Hugs Laura xoxo

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