Monday 4 August 2014

My Book Review Of Kratos By T.L Smith.


The Plot.
You think you know me…. You think you know whom I am…so lets get a few things straight…. I didn’t get involved in relationships. Relationships are for the weak, plus it’s leverage for your enemy’s and I have plenty.

But that’s all changed. When a strong willed woman, with the mouth of a sailor walked into my life, wearing tiny shorts, which displayed her beautiful long legs and round ass. I thought I could play with her and maybe get my fix. But when she spoke I knew that wasn’t going to happen. She is full of life and one scary ass little woman. I knew right away I had to have her and would do anything to keep her.

She owns my soul; she owns my demons, every part of me is owned by her.

My Review.

Kratos (Take Over, #3)Kratos by T.L. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So this is the third book in the Take Over Series from T.L Smith.
You will definitely need to read the first two books which are
KRINOS and then KALON.

This third segment is written from Stephanos point of view.
He is fuming, Eliza(Krinos)has been kidnapped and he is going out of his mind with worry.
This is dark...there is a lot of death and killing....loads of drugs, weapons and it's brutal what he does to find his love.

This book shows you how he feels about Eliza and even though he is a dark and dangerous man you see the warmth and love pour from him.

Eliza is pregnant and is totally pissed off that she has to give up some of her duties, the kidnapping isn't quite what it seems and Eliza is no wilting flower which i loved.
The fact she's pregnant and still a nightmare is fantastic!

The title KRATOS holds a beautiful meaning that you will find out in this book.

I really did enjoy this.
T.L Smith has keot the fire burning for sure!

A well deserved 5*

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My Final Thoughts.
This whole series so far is simply amazing.
You really should go ahead and one click them all!
Names and meanings you'll never forget!

You can buy Kratos from HERE.

I hope you enjoyed my review and let me know if you have read this and what you thought!
Hugs Laura! xx

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