Thursday 7 August 2014

My Review Of Convicted by Dee Tenorio.


The Plot.
A thrilling suspense from Entangled’s Ignite imprint…

The only thing more dangerous than passion is the truth.

Former Marine and new Sheriff’s Deputy Cade Evigan is hanging onto his damaged soul—and his personal code—by a thread. His current mission? Weed out a violent motorcycle crew from a small mountain town. The problem? Katrina Killian, a woman standing firmly on the other side of the law, smack in the middle of the gang he’s there to destroy. She may get under his skin, but the sultry biker has criminal written all over her. So why can't he see her like any other convict?

For two years, Katrina has been a DEA agent hiding in plain sight amidst a pack of killers, working to put an end to the gang that has terrorized her hometown. The last thing she needs is to fall in love with a man who could blow her cover—and her heart—to pieces, but Cade’s become an addiction she can’t break. Unable to risk either of their lives with the truth, she plays both ends against the middle to keep him safe. But lies can only last so long, and Katrina’s time has just run out…

My Review.

ConvictedConvicted by Dee Tenorio
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received Convicted in return for an honest review.
So here we go!

Cade is an ex marine with a whole load of haunted memories.
He in enlisted to help his friend sheriff the town and reign in a biker gang that is reeking havoc on the people who live there.

Katrina aka Trina is a girl who owns a bar where the bikers hang out, Cade thinks she is knee deep in the criminal goings on with the gang but is he mistaken?

The two right from the get go had so much sexual tension it jumped out from the pages!
Cade judges her, and he is so wrong, as you will find out as the story progresses!

When he finally finds out the truth is it to late to help her?
You'll have to find out for spoilers here :)
But this is a good read, short yet satisfying!

I love both the characters, she is quirky, and i love her go get em' attitude.
He is stubborn and tormented, i just wanted them together from the start!

I give 4* and would recommend!

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My Final Thoughts + Links!
Well this is a shorter story but it involves such a lot.
The time passes easily in the book and you get a good sense of the characters.
It was well worth the read and i will recommend!

Convicted can be found on Goodreads HERE
Click here to go and buy the book! HERE
Hope you enjoyed my review and if you ever read this let me know what you think!!
Hugs Laura xoxo

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